Fox News Destroys The Competition

Fox Ratings
Back on top, baby!

Fox News is, once again, the most popular cable channel in the country.

According to Nielsen Media Research, in the month of May Fox News earned an average total audience of 1.4 million viewers during the day, and a whopping 2.381 million viewers in prime time.

The prime time figures dwarf its other competitors in news: MSNBC receives 1.384 million viewers in prime time and CNN just 835,000.

Fox News also beat its competitors in the critical 25-54 demographic, with 461,000 viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 329,000 and CNN’s 265,000.

Fox News has long been the most popular cable news outlet, with 193 months in a row as the top channel on cable.

But as recently as last year, MSNBC was nipping at their heels—and occasionally beating them in daily ratings.

Liberal MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow has overtaken Fox’s Sean Hannity in the ratings, and Fox had lost Bill O’Reilly, its biggest draw, to a sex scandal.

But as liberal enthusiasm has waned and conservative energy has increased, it’s clear that Fox’s base is tuning back in… and keeping the conservative news giant on top.

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