CNN’s Anderson Cooper Rages Over Trump’s Fox Interview

Donald Trump
What would Cooper's 'Trump Nickname' be?

On Thursday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper took to the air to dissect Trump’s latest “Fox & Friends” interview. Cooper saw Trump’s answers as identical to, “the rantings of Richard Nixon.”

Cooper’s guest, famed Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz would not have any of the slander, however. “I think it would go down a very bad road for us to start parsing the president’s words to determine whether or not the president of the United States is exercising his authority under Article II or violating the law,” stated Dershowitz who is a law professor.

“How do you ever interpret statements made by Donald Trump?” Dershowitz asked. “He made a vague, general statement intended to convey different points to different people.”

“Professor Dershowitz, don’t you think that it’s kind of surreal that we are in a place now as a country where we’re like, ‘Oh, don’t listen to the president,’ like he’s a crazy person on a park bench with an onion tied to his belt, just mumbling incoherently,” said Cooper.

“You’re saying, ‘don’t parse these words.’ You’re saying, essentially, don’t listen to him, don’t pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth because they really have no meaning, that’s basically what you’re saying,” Cooper pressed further.

In response to this, Dershowitz expressed that what he meant was that President Trump words should not be taken into consideration when deciding if he has actually committed a crime or not. The reason being that Trump statements are mostly conflicting.

“Now this particular President…speaks in a way that sends conflicting messages throughout and I wish as an American citizen he wouldn’t speak in this way and if I were his lawyer, which I am not, I would advise him not to speak in this way,” he said.

In Thursday morning interview Trump had on “Fox & Friends”, the President casually made the admission that Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s personal lawyer, paid pornstar Stormy Daniels “hush money” to keep mum about their affair that supposedly took place in 2006. The issue with his admission was that the President had denied all knowledge about this payout made to Daniels by Trump’s attorney.

Currently, both parties are in a legal battle because Daniels wants to go public about the affair with President Donald Trump, whose public image might take a beating depending on how Daniels portrays their relationship.

“It was like listening to the rantings of Richard Nixon on the tapes,” expressed Cooper, in regards to the whole interview. “Except this is on live television. He’s calling in, screaming, yelling into the telephone.”

Another controversial statement that the President made during the interview was his declaration that he has an “A+” presidency. While this statement is not offensive or degrading in any way, it is something that some people might not fully agree with.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.