Video Captures Amred Cartel Member Leading Illegal Immigrants Across Border

A video posted to Twitter over the weekend shows a shocking scene at the southern border of the United States.

The video captured by Brian Koflage shows a man in a red shirt with a gun in his waistband escorting a group of illegal immigrants across the border. After a minute of being off the camera that’s pointed at the border, he casually walks back and returns to Mexico alone.

Watch the video here.

Koflage, is one of the people working on building the wall posted another video shortly after the first one. In his latest video, it shows a flood of people crossing the border. See the video below.

This is happening in Sunland Park, New Mexico and things seem to be a lot worse that the news media has led us to believe.

Democrats are going to have a hard time defending their position of keeping the borders open and without a wall when thousands of people are crossing almost daily.

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