Return Of “Roseanne” Sitcom Is Big Hit

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On Wednesday night, President Donald Trump called to congratulate comedian Roseanne Barr on her new show’s success. Barr is a vocal Trump supporter, and also plays on in her new series, “Roseanne”.

In an interview on t “Good Morning America,” on Thursday, Barr described President Trump’s telephone call to be a “sweet” gesture. The show was a smashing success, with the debut of “Roseanne” on ABC attracted over 18 million viewers. This made it the most popular comedy launch in over four years.

“Look at her ratings,” said President Donald Trump during a speech on Thursday in Ohio. “They were unbelievable, over 18 million people and it was about us. … The fake news hasn’t figured it out yet … and when they do, they’ll become much less fake. It may take a while, but it’s happening.”

Armstrong Williams, a Republican media commentator, explained Trump’s call;

“Of course the President was smart to hitch himself to the show after it blew up. But he’s also embracing it because there are so few media platforms out there that bring balance and respect to the people he appeals to. ‘Roseanne’ is a show that looks at politics and the economic struggles of average Americans through the eyes of someone who is transparent in their beliefs and, like the President is uncomplicated. That there’s a huge market for this should be a gut-check for Hollywood and the mainstream media.”

The first episode establishes Barr’s character as a Trump supporter, showing her praying at the dinner table, and thanking the Lord for “making America great again.”

In this episode, Barr has a clash with Laurie Metcalf, who plays her sister. Metcalf shows herself as a supporter Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

“He talked about jobs, he said he’d shake things up,” says Barr in the episode. “I mean, this might come as a complete shock to you, but we almost lost our house, the way things are going.”

“Have you looked on the news?” responds Metcalf. “Because now things are worse.”

“Not on the real news,” Barr retorts back.

Barr has defended President Donald Trump on her media tours for her show. This also included her appearance made on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show.

“I’m shocked because I know you are a very socially liberal person in general,” said Kimmel to Barr on the show.

“I’m still the same. You all moved [too far to the left],” responded Barr.

However, not all were happy. Ben Shapiro, fiercely criticized the show in a chain of tweets, which said that it “recasts Trump voters as social Leftists who just disagree about economics.”

“The whole premise of ‘Roseanne’ is that this pro-abortion, pro-LGBT woman who is happy to watch her grandson wear girls’ clothing voted Trump — because she’s blue collar,” writes Shapiro. “That isn’t an accurate depiction of Trump voters. It’s actually a Hollywood fantasy of what Trump voters are: people who agree with Hollywood elites on values, but just disagree on economics because they’re old white factory workers.”