Libertarians to GOP Establishment – Back Off!!!


The Republican, anti-Trump establishment is concocting a strategy to hijack the Libertarian Party by taking over its ballot access.

The Republican establishment wants to fraudulently become members of the party, attend our state conventions to become delegates, and take over the national Libertarian Party convention.

Not on my watch.

I have and will continue to fight off these attempts by the Republican establishment, no matter whether at the local, state and or national level.

Donald Trump’s rise to prominence in the GOP is a byproduct of their insistence to run establishment, big government candidates and ignoring liberty-loving candidates. I’ve seen how they’ve treated liberty-loving candidates by denying them party office and their rights as delegates at their conventions.

The GOP establishment is losing control of its own monster. It’s reaping what it sowed, and now it’s looking for the Libertarian Party’s ballot access to bail them out.

Back off!   You have to go through me.

It’s imperative that we continue to appeal to individuals yearning for more liberty and less government. As the Republican and Democratic parties continue to struggle with their identities, disenfranchise voters, destroy individual liberties, wage needless wars, and spend us into oblivion, the Libertarian Party must continue to be the rock where liberty and sanity are cherished.

As a political party that prides itself on principle and our adherence to peace, individual liberty, free markets, and minimum government, we cannot and should not be tempted to entertain the idea of endorsing, nominating, or supporting an establishment Republican candidate simply for the lure of a victory, and we must do everything we can to ensure that our candidate for President is a Libertarian one, dedicated to advancing peace and liberty for all.

My message to establishment Republicans who want to steal the hard earned ballot access of the Libertarian Party:

I have fought you as State Chairman of Indiana, a member of the Libertarian National Committee, a Vice-Chair of the National Libertarian Party and as the Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

You want a fight.   I’ll give it to you again. I promise.