Death Of The GOP: Boehner Endorses Paul Ryan For POTUS

Paul Ryan

The rumors of a Paul Ryan insurgency at the GOP convention have been flying about for the past two months.

Now former House Speaker John Boehner confirmed the rumors by throwing his endorsement over to Speaker Paul Ryan in the event of a brokered convention.

Taking a break from mowing his lawn and tanning, Boehner spoke to the press to refer to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as “Lucifer” while pitching a curve ball with his Ryan scenario.

Ryan would have to compete not only against frontrunner Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, as Mitt Romney has refused to close the door on the possibility of his nomination.

Given the high turnout of this year’s primary season, the move would likely result in the death of the GOP.

With just over half of the nation voting, over 20 million Americans have voted in the primary to date, which is a record for the nation.

Boehner and Romney, two prominent faces of the Establishment, are left unsatisfied with the likely choices remaining for the winner of the nomination and are looking to throw a wrench in the process.

Emotions are high for all candidates still in the race with supporters firmly embedded in each camp.

While a fair loss in the primary process is acceptable, it’s not likely that Republican voters will accept an overthrow of the nominee using parlor tricks during the convention.

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