Delegate Math: How Trump Wins


RNC insiders are rambling incessantly about a “Contested Convention” however, the reality of one does not exist.

These Establishment power brokers are simply trying to bilk even more money from wealthy donors in a fight to stop Trump . . . on top of the HALF A BILLION that has been spent to date to defeat the real estate mogul.

With Trump’s current delegate count of 738, his path to the nomination is clear.

With 18 contests remaining, Trump needs to win 10 of the upcoming states.

Those states that have a population that appeals to the “blue collar” campaign are below:

April 5th: Wisconsin, 42 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 8th: Colorado, 37 delegates (Proportional)
April 19: New York, 95 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 26: Delaware, 16 delegates (Winner Take All)
April 26: Pennsylvania, 71 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 26: Maryland, 38 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 26: Rhode Island, 19 delegates (Proportional)
May 10: West Virginia, 34 delegates (Proportional)
May 17: Oregon, 28 delegates (Proportional)
June 7: California, 172 delegates (Winner Take Most)
June 7: New Jersey, 51 delegates (Winner Take All)

Even with three proportional races in the mix, Trump should end his path to the nomination with a comfortable 100 delegate lead over the required 1,237 winning number.

The most recent polls indicate Trump is ahead by these numbers in the following key states

California: +10.5%,
New York: +52%
Wisconsin: +10%
Pennsylvania: +17%
West Virginia: +20%
New Jersey: +18.6%
Maryland: +9%

Despite the many millions that will be spent by Establishment backers to stop Trump before the convention, it appears that the only thing that can stop Trump . . . is Trump.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.