Liberals Response To Op-Ed Is Getting Crazy

The face of the #Resistance

The progressive left and the corporate media are on a new “impeachment” wave after the New York Times Op-Ed and the new Woodward book and things are getting out of hand.

Look at some of the reactions from the left after the news broke about the Op-Ed.

Of course former CIA leader John Brennan would get on TV to talk about “the depth of concern” in the White House, and called Trump reckless.

CNN’s Don Lemon said that maybe the writer just wants to be on the “right side of history.”

Rachel Maddow phoned into MSNBC to tell us that someone has “pulled the fire alarm” and questions the president’s mentally stability.

Are they going over the edge? Calling the president mentally unstable, but all they can focus on is Trump.

Political commentator and YouTuber Mike Dice made a hilarious compilation video mocking the left’s radical response to the anonymous Op-Ed. See the video below.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the left is going too far in using this Op-Ed to attack the president? Let us know in the comments below.