How Long Until Hillary Enters This Campaign?

Hillary Clinton lost bad to Obama for the nomination in 2008. Hillary took an incredible loss to Donald Trump in 2016, but she isn’t one to give up. So, when is she entering this campaign?

If you look at the polls right now, Joe Biden has a pretty good lead on Bernie and Warren and the rest of the remaining candidates. But, if Hillary is inserted into that poll, she beats Biden.

A recent poll of registered Democrats picked Hillary above the former vice president. She won with 21% of the votes to Biden’s 20%. It is still close, but Hillary isn’t even in the race. Candidates have launched campaigns and ended them this year and Hillary is still on the sidelines with majority of the support. 

There are risks with the current candidates and having Hillary in the race could rejuvenate a Democratic Party that doesn’t seem to be excited about anything other battling Trump. 

Biden is gaffe prone, Warren and Sanders are very left and Mayor Pete is having trouble gaining support of black Democrats. The party needs something to fight for, and Hillary could be that person the party rallies behind.

The problem for the Party is that Hillary as a candidate would signal to Democrat voters that the party is weak and lacks real leadership. Despite over 20 candidates, it takes Hillary to return to save the party against Donald Trump. It would be a major slap in Biden’s face and could cause more damage to the Party than a Biden loss to Donald Trump. Especially if Hillary loses again.

But to answer the question… If Hillary Clinton is going to enter this race, she is likely to do it soon. The first polls open up in less than two months, and with the holidays, she could have an answer just after the new year. It’s a long-shot, but with each Biden mistake, the possibility becomes more and more of a reality.