Liberal Uber Driver Kicks GOP Volunteers Out Of Car

Hailing Uber
We warned you - liberals want to take the Red Hen treatment nationwide!

Six Republican campaign volunteers were kicked out of an Uber… after a liberal driver refused to take them to their destination because of their political beliefs.

The six volunteers were halfway to their destination in Raleigh, North Carolina. After overhearing from their conversation that the group was made up of Republicans, the driver pulled over at a gas station and told them to get out–claiming he had “the right to deny [them] service.”

As he sped away, he yelled, “Welcome to the Resistance!”

After the ride was cancelled, Mary Russell–one of the riders–told the Daily Caller that she received a message from Uber, claiming that the group had acted “inappropriately” to the driver.

“I reviewed the relevant policy of Uber and we did not use ‘inappropriate and abusive language or gestures’ that would result in the early termination of a ride,” Russell said.

“This type of discrimination against politically oriented conservatives should be against the policy of Uber,” she added.

The group called another Uber and managed to make it to their destination without incident.

Uber has said it’s looking into the situation, to see whether or not the driver broke the rules by kicking out Republican riders.