Left Openly Calls For Gun Violence

Gun Violence
The only thing that can stop an Antifa guy with a gun...

There were about 25 white supremacists that had a rally in DC on Sunday, but the real story is the thousands of protestors that descended on the city with many calling for violence.

The anti-fascist group or Antifa can be seen marching with signs calling for shooting a fascist.

Antifa doesn’t look like they are peace loving people.

If you turned on the nightly news on Sunday, you wouldn’t of seen these violent images. The mainstream corporate media is not reporting on the violent tendencies of Antifa. They continue to bash the white supremacists, deservingly so, but the left isn’t disavowing the group.

The lack of negative coverage is making Antifa more dangerous. Earlier this month the group staged violent protests outside of the Portland ICE offices.

If allowed to go unchecked, Antifa could become a very serious threat to anyone that opposes the radical left agenda.

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