If This Is The Best The Left Has For 2020, Trump Should Be Fine

Donald Trump
With enemies like these... victory is assured!

If the Democrats escapades during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are an indicator of the kind of people the left is planning to support in 2020, then Donald Trump has very little to worry about.

Kamala Harris, a Democrat hopeful for 2020, had a very awkward exchange with Brent Kavanaugh during questioning. A weird back and forth occurred after the Californian Senator posed a “got-cha” question that Kavanaugh refused to answer. See the exchange below.

This is the same woman that tried to get the hearings delayed by interrupting at the very beginning on Tuesday.

Cory Booker, another 2020 hopeful had a rough time pulling off his “I am Spartacus” speech during. Booker said he was willing to risk being expelled from the Senate to make non-released documents from the hearing public.

John Cornyn shot down Booker’s big moment by saying, “running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the Senate.”
See the exchange in this clip from Fox News.

Spartacus and Harris got some sound bites on liberal media, but for the most part, their efforts have failed. The hearing are running as scheduled, the documents have not been released and Kavanaugh is moving towards being confirmed.

Maybe a Supreme Court confirmation hearing isn’t the best place to win over support for a future presidential run.

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