Expert Predicted His Death Days Before He Died

max spiers

Max Spiers was going to give the speech of his life until he died shortly before. The story gets weird when you read the text he sent his mom.

A British father of two, Max Spiers is a UFO expert and well-known and respected conspiracy theorist.

As an expert, he was asked to speak at a conference in Poland. Staying at a friend’s house, he slept on the couch and never woke up. He never had a chance to do the speech.

The conspiracy theorist’s death is causing is more conspiracy theories.

The police have not been helpful in looking into the death of the British man and to make matters worse, the death was ruled “natural causes” without any autopsy or investigative work.

His friends think he was onto something or someone big and then he was dead. A healthy 39-year old died in this sleep on a couch.

His mom always worried about her son and his work, but his recent work turned out to be life or death.

She got really worried when, just days before his death, Max Spiers sent his mom a cryptic text that read, “You’re boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

That is enough to make any mom panic.

His mother told the press that her son was working on the secret lives of celebrities and well-known people.

After over a week, Max’s mother was able to have Poland send her son back by air, but the fight for the truth is just getting started.

The suspicious and time of Max’s death has many wondering what Max found that got him killed.

How often do really healthy 39-year olds died for no reason on a couch? Do you suspect natural causes or something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.