Video: Did Florida Get Attacked By Aliens?


The Florida night sky lit up early Wednesday morning and some Florida residents thought it was an alien attack. But what was it?

Hundreds of residents in Florida from the keys up to the panhandle saw a brilliant fireball crash into Earth’s atmosphere.

A video of the event was captured on a home security system.

The fireball was actually a decent size meteor that lit up the sky; it wasn’t aliens as some on twitter suggested.

Some in Florida do say they have seen weir UFOs lately and videos are even popping up on YouTube.

Here is a video of some strange unidentified flying objects that were filmed over Jacksonville earlier this month.

Florida isn’t under attack, but they did have a good size meteor light up the sky on Wednesday morning.

As far as the UFOs over Jacksonville, maybe the space aliens are as mad at Florida for voting for Trump as the illegal aliens are.

Have you ever seen a meteor that big? Do you think there are aliens in Florida? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.