Hillary Catering To The UFO Believers Now


Hillary Clinton sat down with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and opened up about what she calls UAPs. Unexplained Arial Phenomena is the new term for UFOs and Hillary wants it all out.

During the interview she hinted that there is more there than her husband released, and she would be the candidate to do that.

When asked about Area 51 she said the truth would come out under her watch, unless it had something to do with national security. Somehow anything UFO or UAP has to do with national security so it is doubtful she would release anything.

Hillary is having a hard time connecting with voters right now and after being ahead by double digits over Trump, she is now in a statistical tie in national general election polling.

Hillary is also under criminal investigation by the FBI so she will take whatever votes she can get. Even if that means she has to spill the beans on E.T.

Besides, if there are aliens out there, she will be the first president to welcome them to America and have them register as Democrats.

Watch the interview below.

What do you think, is Hillary really interested in UAPs or is she just catering to those that want to know what is inside Area 51? Let us know in the comments below.