Dem Politician Goes On Racist Tirade Against Bank Teller

Angry Woman
Imagine facing this sort of customer, day in and day out... ugh!

A Democratic Wisconsin state senator was cited for disorderly conduct last week—after going on an unhinged, racist rant against a black bank teller at a local Wells Fargo branch.

Lena Taylor, a state senator who represents Milwaukee and is also black, got into a dispute after the teller refused to cash an $831 check. The teller told Taylor that the check couldn’t be cashed because Taylor didn’t have enough funds in her account to cover it.

Milwaukee police, who happened to be on the scene for unrelated reasons, reported that Taylor then begun her rant, calling the teller a “house n***er,” and using other charged language.

After confirming via the bank’s security footage what had happened, police then gave Taylor her citation. The citation is not a criminal violation, and comes with a maximum fine of $500.