Dartmouth Claims Gay Black Student President Is Racist


So much for diversity on the Left.

Dartmouth students are passing around a petition to force out their new student president–for being, apparently, disrespectful to blacks and “marginalized groups.”

That’s fairly ridiculous on its own, but here’s the clincher. Frank Cunningham, the student president they’re targeting, is a whole mess of “marginalized groups” rolled into one: he’s a gay black man.

The controversy started on May 2, when student demonstrators took to the streets of Hanover, New Hampshire, where Dartmouth is located, to show “solidarity” with the race riots that have devastated Baltimore.

Of course, this is a leafy New Hampshire college town that’s 90% white and home to an Ivy League, so the only “oppression” the demonstrators could find to protest was a sorority’s invite-only Kentucky Derby party.

Cunningham was one of the party’s attendees, and was caught on video engaging in a small spat with one of the protestors, a female who was armed with a megaphone.

The petition, loaded to the brim with hyperbole, tells a much more dramatic version of the story:

“[Cunningham] taunts, mocks, screams, and forces his way into the face of a female Dartmouth student protestor. The taunting of his peers heightened during a chant memorializing the last words of Eric Garner: ‘I CAN’T BREATHE!’ Despite ones’ views of the protesters or their message, surely such embarrassing behavior by the president-elect of Student Assembly is uncouth, unjustified, and counter to the values of mutual respect encouraged and protected by Dartmouth’s mission statement.”

The video doesn’t show who first engaged in the argument–the woman with a megaphone, or Cunningham. And it certainly didn’t escalate past what could be considered a heated discussion by two college students.

But that didn’t stop Dartmouth students from jumping to conclusions.

One of the petition signers, Sadia Hassan, claimed that “to insinuate that the woman must have incited this violent act is nothing short of victim blaming.” Apparently, being on the receiving end of criticism at a protest makes you a “victim.”

And of course, Dartmouth student Joseph Ramsawak, summed up the sentiment that’s really at play here: Cunningham is black and gay but, frustratingly for the Left, not a liberal. Ramsawak wrote, “We ain’t here for f*ckboys and shoe-shining coonery.” (On a petition to protest racism, remember.)

Looks like if you’re black and gay–but, horror of horrors, not willing to fall into line with the liberal Left–the politically-correct racket “ain’t here” for you.

More than 10% of Dartmouth’s student body has signed the petition to oust Cunningham from office.

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