Pennsylvania Professor Alleges Black People Are “Screwed” Because “White People Are In Charge”

White People
Just look at them oppressing people

A Pennsylvanian college has reportedly said that black people are “screwed” because “white people are in charge.” Assistant professor at the communications department of University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley gave a special lecture at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the school’s newspaper, badger Herald reported.

During the presentation, “Anti-Blackness and the Political: Millennials, Black Intellectuals, and the Re-shaping of American Politics,” Ms. Reid-Brinkley suggested that black people experience less freedom today than they did before Donald Trump took office, referring to the Trump administration.

“I think that we’re all screwed because white people are in charge,” Reid-Brinkley said, according to the Badger Herald.

Reid-Brinkley stated that black people will never experience the same freedom as whites because democracy itself was built on anti-blackness. She also accused white people for issues such as genocide, global warming, and colonization. Further saying that none of these problems will see any solution unless black people are in charge.

The University of Pittsburgh professor warned the Democratic National Committee that it could lose one of its largest voter demographics if it doesn’t focus on addressing issues that most black millennial voters care about.

“The DNC in the next 20 years is going to lose its voting bloc if it does not learn this lesson,” Reid-Brinkley said.

According to a report by FiveThirtyEight, a significantly lesser number of millenials consider themselves as Democrats than the previous generation. The report also stated that compared with only 35 percent of baby boomers identifying themselves as politically independent, over 48 percent black millenials now say the same.

Being more specific, FiveThirtyEight reported a “generational divergence from the overwhelming black loyalty to the Democratic Party.”

Regarding an observation about 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, FiverThirtyEight stated:

“Compared to older black Americans, millennials are more likely to see Clinton as not trustworthy in general, or not progressive enough on issues like decreasing the cost and debt load of a college education or reducing racial bias in policing and incarceration. Others are broadly cynical about the possibility for political change.”

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