White People Told To Get In Back, Black Up Front At DNC


Democrats are doing their best to try and include the Black Lives Matter movement and the mothers of black men who have been killed by police, but we are seeing a shocking result.

On the day that the mother’s of slain black children spoke at the Democratic National Convention, a protest march was planned outside.

The “Black DNC Resistance March” was about to start in Philadelphia when an organizer took to the mic to demand that the white people get in the back of the line and the black people get up front.

Didn’t Rosa Parks show the world that this is wrong?

Why isn’t Hillary condemning this kind of speech?

Watch the video as one of the organizers sets our country back a few decades.

The liberal media is largely ignoring the protests and marches happening at the DNC, but they are getting worse.

There are a lot of people angry. You have Bernie fans angry with the DNC and mad at Hillary. You have Hillary fans who are mad at Bernie and his fans. There are groups that hate police and groups that are self-proclaimed communists and everyone is angry. (They also all hate Trump)

He likes hunting, dogs, and supports the troops at home and abroad.