Dems Can’t Even Run A Caucus

Many Americans checked Google or their favorite news site on Monday to see when the results from the first vote for the Democrats this political season. People tuned in to see who would come out on top and separate themselves in this crowded field.

People started waiting for results to be released.

People continued waiting.

Most people went to bed expecting it all to be worked out in the morning.

Well, it isn’t worked out, and there are no results to be announced.

The Democrats say they will have half the results at some point today, but what do half the results mean? Half the results could show one candidate winning, when they actually lost when calculating the whole state.

Releasing half the data is a foolish move.

Not having data is evidence of bad leadership decisions. There are claims that the app used to handle the results had a coding error and that there wasn’t enough time to test everything.

Candidates spent millions of dollars in Iowa, and whoever would have won has lost the opportunity to make their prime-time speech, and failed to capture headlines on Tuesday.

Millions spent for nothing. Maybe not nothing, it looks like we’ll get half the results soon.

The bigger problem is the leadership that didn’t properly test the application and processes. Tech issues can be avoided when properly tested, but rush jobs reflect poor leadership.

How can voters take the Democrats seriously when they can’t remove Trump even after Impeaching him, and they can’t even run a caucus?

President Trump doesn’t always make things easy for himself, but with the Democrats helping him the way they are, he might just cruise to another four years.