Wine Swilling Bureaucrats Yuck It Up About Stealing Veteran’s Land

Veteran's Land

What’s a retirement dinner without boasting about your accomplishments?

For employees of the National Park Service, the retirement stories weren’t what you would expect.

There were no tales of saving an endangered bird or the joy of providing a place of recreation of millions of Americans.

Instead, a speaker at Mojave Preserve Superintendent Mary Martin’s dinner retold a story of how she “stole money for Washington” to purchase a coal mine worth $40 million from “two little guys” who were WWII veterans.

Unfortunately for these vets from the Greatest Generation, they were forced off of their land for a measly $2.5 million according to the speaker.

The speaker, who appears to be a government employee in charge of acquiring land, went on to sarcastically say, “we’re the ‘bank’, we’re the bad guys. We come in and we take this land and we always take it for less than it’s worth.

The two-minute video of the speech is here:

To see the impact of your tax dollars at work to steal land from humble Americans, watch the interview of this coal miner who had his home taken by the government, only to have it resold to developers years later:

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