Top Dem: Liberals Are “Too Smart” To Appeal To The Masses

Big Brain
If liberals were actually smart... would they still be liberals?

Democrats are too smart to appeal to the American people, claims Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii.)

Yeah. That’s why.

Hirono was being interviewed by Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick at the “Bend Towards Justice” conference, when Lithwick asked how the Democrats could make federal courts and the Supreme Court a winning issue, like it is among Republicans.

“One of the things that we Democrats have a really hard time with is connecting people’s hearts instead of here,” said Hirono, pointing to her brain. “We’re really good at shoving out information that touch people here [points to brain], not here [points to her heart]. And I have been saying at all of our Democratic retreats that we need to speak to the heart, not in a manipulative way, not in a way that brings forth everybody’s fears and resentments, but truly to speak to the heart so people actually know that we’re actually on their side.”

“We have a really hard time doing that and one of the reasons that was told to me at one of our retreats was that we Democrats know so much,” she said. “That is true.”

Even liberal Lithwick chuckled at Hirono’s claim.

Hirono, who has served in the U.S. Senate since 2013, saw her notoriety dramatically increase in 2018, following a series of ludicrous comments during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Most notably, Hironi demanded that men “shut up and step up” over the #MeToo movement.

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