The Sad, Tragic Saga of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Original photo by Dimitri Rodriguez.

This week brings another teachable moment in the sad and tragic saga of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC).

The list of things she’s said of late that are ignorant and idiotic is so long that I’ve lost count. But she saved the all-time best for this past Monday. She compared Donald Trump’s proposed border wall to the Berlin Wall: “I think it’s a moral abomination,” she said, adding, “I think it’s like the Berlin Wall.”

Let me explain the gigantic difference between those two walls.

First, it’s not Trump’s wall. It belongs to the American people. It belongs to anyone who wants their children safe at night, who wants a country free from third-world disease, safe from terrorism. It belongs to anyone born in America who thinks we should take care of Americans first before we add to our $22 trillion debt. So it is America’s wall, not Trump’s wall.

Secondly — and here’s the really big difference, Alexandria — the Berlin Wall was built to keep people in so they would remain slaves, serfs and prisoners of a despotic regime built around communism and socialism. Socialism is so bad that people are willing to die to get away from it. Walls must be built to keep them in against their will.

Meanwhile, America’s wall is built to keep people out. Capitalism is so great that people the world over are willing to die to experience it. That’s a pretty big difference, as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Can you even imagine a member of the U.S. Congress not recognizing or understanding that difference? Can you imagine knowing socialism is so bad that people are willing to die to get away from it — and still wanting socialism for America?

AOC wants socialism. She says it out loud. Yet socialism is so bad and evil and demoralizing that the people living in socialist systems must be kept as prisoners. AOC talks about walls and socialism, and she doesn’t even understand the irony.

She is desperate to turn America into East Germany or Cuba or Venezuela. In Venezuela, people are starving to death, supermarket shelves are empty and there is no toilet paper. The average Venezuelan has lost 19 pounds due to food shortages and inflation. Desperate people are invading zoos to eat the animals. These are the joys of socialism.

No walls are needed in Venezuela to keep people out. Everyone wants to escape. No one wants to enter. That’s what socialism does to a country. That’s what it does to a people.

But in America, walls are needed only to keep people out. If you left the borders open, a billion people would come in. Why? Capitalism, economic freedom, the American Dream.

No, America is not perfect. Nor is capitalism. But it’s better than any other country or system in the world. No one sails across the shark-infested ocean in makeshift rafts to get away from America. No one is raiding zoos here to eat animals. That’s why a wall needs to be built to keep people out. Things are just too good here.

Democrats such as AOC are desperate to change the thing that makes a billion people want to come here. That’s the madness of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and today’s Democrat party.