The “Number 2” Way To Stop Porch Pirates

porch pirate

This holiday season has seen a huge spike in Internet shopping. So much so that porch pirating is now a problem.

A porch pirate will creep to your front door and steal your Internet purchased goods right off your porch in broad daylight.

The growing problem has companies and authorities scrambling try to stop the new rise in crime, but a Las Vegas man has a better solution.

After being the victim of theft, homeowner Eric Burdo decided to take matters into his own hands.

With the help of his dog, Burdo decided to box up a “smelly” gift for any would-be thief. The two went into the back yard and boxed up some fresh “number 2” from the dog and placed the package on the front porch.

The package sat for a couple of days, but sure enough, the pirates attacked. While away from the house two thieves came and stole the “gift”.

The homeowner caught the whole thing on video. Unfortunately there is no video of the criminals opening their gift.

See the video below from local KTNV.

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