The Coming Disaster Called The Olympics


The Olympics have been a celebration of human physical achievement and global unity for hundreds of years, but this year is going to be a little different, actually a lot different.

The Olympics have always showcased amazing talent but this year, many of the best athletes from America and other countries around the world are opting not to go at all.

Why would athletes who worked their whole lives not go to the Olympics, because they value their life. Rio is going to be a disaster.

Not only have dead bodies been pictured in the area where swimmers will be swimming, but raw sewage is in the waterways as well.

Some of the buildings are not even finished and most of the housing is uninhabitable. Even the Americans sent special building crews and paid extra money to have their portion of Olympic village to be finished in time so our athletes could have a place to stay.

The police are not even getting paid in some cases and there are reports that “rogue cops” have even kidnapped an athlete for ransom.

Some world-class athletes have been robbed at gunpoint and most of the city is not safe at all.

Surrounding the city is a horrific amount of poverty and all the city did to fix the problem was to build a wall that blocks the view of the miles and miles of slums from the airport to the “nice” part of Rio.

Traffic is horrendous as people are flooding to the Olympics and the new metro rail is still not finished. The subway is expected to be finished just days before the Olympics, but there won’t be any time to test it.

The biggest threat, other than the accommodations, the crime and the unpaid rogue police is a terrorist strike.

The real threat of a terror strike has everyone in Rio nervous. Since majority of the police are not being paid right now, and the city is using so many resources just building the Olympic village that many fear terrorists will be able to attack easily.

There have already been a couple of groups arrested for terrorist plots, but as authorities described, they were “armatures”. ISIS is not amateurs and have proven they can attack even well guarded cities like Paris or Belgium.

At the end of the day, the athletes who decided not to go may have made the best decision, especially the ones that are opting not to swim in water with feces and a recently fished out dead body.

Do you think the Olympics will be a disaster? Let us know in the comments below.

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