Donald Trump To Annouce Direct Meeting With Kim Jong Un?

North Korea
Will he get a Peace Prize for this? Obama got one - for who know's what BS reason...

South Korea announced that its top national security authorities will soon be making a two-day trip to North Korea, paving the way for Donald Trump to open dialogues directly with the dictatorial regime.

North Korea has responded by adamantly insisting that it does not want to meet with either Washington or the South Korea officials, as both nations are preparing wide scale joint military exercise across the waters of Korea in the coming month.

The Blue House – the seat of South Korea’s Executive Branch (much like our White House) – announced that the head of National Security Office (NSO), Chung Eui-yong and National Intelligence Service (NIS) boss Suh Hoon would be in the South Korean designation going to Pyongyang.

The visit is described as part of a wide push to bring North Korea directly to the negotiating table with the Trump Administration. After their mission in North Korea is complete, the South Korean security experts are expected to brief the US, as well as China and Japan on their findings.

The Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang a month prior gave reason for hope, as both North and South Korea competed in the Olympic games.


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