Texas To Fall To The Democrats In 2018?

Last Stand
"We will now be renaming this newly conquered state the, United Soviet Socialist Republic of Texas" - The Left

The Democrats are having a hard time trying to find the right candidate to represent them in Texas.

With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that he is seriously considering running for reelection, the Democrats are faced with a stressful task to find the right candidate to take down Abbott.

The Democrats have worked hard year after year to turn Texas blue. They have fought hard with a series of candidates from Sen. Wendy Davis, to Houston Mayor Bill White, businessman Tony Sanchez. However, they failed each time.

Davis, who was very confident of winning the elections in 2014 stated, “I believed we could be competitive in 2014, and obviously had a big old cold bucket of water thrown on my head.”

The Democrats have new hope as, Rep. Rafael Anchia (D) states, “This statewide slate is eminently beatable, and it’s not representative of the state of Texas.”

“The electorate is very spun up, and the energy is virtually all on the Democratic side,” Anchia said. “We are now seeing in the Hispanic community a great deal of fear and loathing in the Trump/Abbott brand. They are inextricably linked,” Anchia added. However, when asked who he sees running for the post of the governor, he stated, “That’s unclear.”

While Texas doesn’t appear as a swing state, with most of the population being African American, Asian and Hispanic, that are more likely to vote in favor of the Democrats in comparison to the Republicans. However, Texas had one of the lowest turn around rates amongst all other states with only 51.6% of all eligible voters showing up to cast their vote in the 2016 elections.

“We look like California demographically, but we don’t behave that way at the ballot box, not because our voters are voting differently, but because we can’t get our people to show up,” Davis expressed. “Democrats always lose when turnout is low, because unfortunately it is our people who stay home.”

“We will field someone who will make an excellent governor,” Davis continued. “But will we field someone who is going to be able to raise the kind of money and have the kind of name ID that is necessary to build the kind of excitement behind a gubernatorial candidate? I don’t know,” she added.

While, the Republicans had been able to secure millions in vote, over the past years, however, the upcoming year the Democrats could have a possible chance. Ed Espinoza, who works at Progress Texas, the liberal public relations firm stated, “Democrats have picked up more than 1 million votes over the past decade while Republican voter growth has been stagnant.”

The Democrats expressed that they are still in search of the right candidate. Tariq Thowfeek, the state Democratic Party’s spokesman stated, “We’re talking to a number of great leaders, and an announcement will come at the appropriate time. These Texans come from diverse backgrounds with proven track records of leadership, and an unwavering commitment to our shared Democratic values.”

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.