Ten Awesome Survival Gifts For Under $10

survival gifts

Survive the holidays and get out of the hustle and bustle. Get these survival gifts that are all under $10—right from your computer.

Fire Laces – Everybody needs shoe laces for their boots, but these are special. The Fire Laces can actually be used to start a fire in a survival situation. This really cool item is perfect for the prepper who seems to have everything, because we bet they don’t have these. – Click Here

Hybeam – This small flashlight packs a big punch. With three settings for high, low beam, and S.O.S., this is the perfect little flashlight to put in your loved one’s car for to use in an emergency. Plus, you can never have too many flashlights! Click Here

Paracord Grenade – Ideal for the survivalist in your family, this small Paracord Grenade provides you with everything you need to fish, start a fire, and set up camp. Great for campers and hikers, you never know when this could save a life.Click Here

Credit Card Knife – This small credit card-sized tool turns into a knife that can be used to defend you against attackers, or as extra security in travel situations. The credit card knife is a great concealable tool for anyone that flies a lot or has to spend a lot of time in “gun free” zones.Click Here

Credit Card Tool – This little metal tool fits in your wallet or purse and is the size of a credit card, but can do some remarkable things. Find your way out of dozens of unique situations with this credit card tool, and you will be thankful you have it on you when that time comes.Click Here

Everstryke – Starting a fire can be the difference between life and death for your friends that get caught in a bad situation in winter. Having a way to start a fire should be something that everyone is prepared to do, especially if you live in the frigid winter states. Click Here

Multi-tool – Never has a multi-tool been so tough for such a low price. This tool from Survival Life is the best small multi-tool on the market and can be used from everyday tasks like opening boxes to loosening screws to more important tasks like cutting through rope to save yourself from drug lords. This is a must have. Click Here

Evac Tool – You never know when danger can strike and if it happens in the car, you will be prepared with the Evac tool! Everyone who drives in your family should have one of these. It can cut seatbelts with ease, break glass, and even has a whistle to get attention. This is a great too that all drivers should own. Click Here

Strike Pen – The strike pen is a perfectly functioning pen, but can also be a tool for defense and escape. The incredibly tough and durable strike pen should be a staple for any man who works in the city. The pen is mightier than the sword. Click Here

RFID Blocker – Getting an RFID Blocker for your credit card won’t save you from a flood or super volcano, but it will help you survive the holiday madness. Being able to keep your identity and credit card information safe and protected is important –and now you can get 5 free RFID Blockers if you pay shipping. Click Here

Hope you found something on this list for that prepper friend or an awesome gift to get yourself. Since they all are under $10 you can get both.

Let us know what items you want in the comments below.