Sharpton’s Shakedowns to Continue?

The black community that Al Sharpton has made a lucrative living off of was caught on camera recently delivering candid thoughts on the man best know for the Tawana Brawley scandal.

Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, the man killed by a plain clothes NYPD cop, sparking the “I can’t breathe” protests, was filmed by Project Veritas gesturing that Sharpton is “all about the money.”

Other black leaders, including the father of Trayvon Martin were also caught on camera wanting nothing to do with Sharpton and his divisive, race-baiting antics.

In response to the undercover video produced by James O’Keefe, the Garner family rallied behind Sharpton, backtracking on Erica’s statements.

Additionally, the day after the release of Project Veritas’s investigation on Sharpton, Erica Garner announced a new group, The Garner Way Foundation.

Sharptons’ National Action Network denies any knowledge of Erica Garner’s rapidly formed group that has already raised nearly $3,500 since its launch.

Although Sharpton’s denial stands, critics have raised an eyebrow to the timing of Garner’s new organization and the family’s quick rally around the race-based leader.