Guess Who Got Blacklisted By Google?

The recent Google whistleblower who told his story to Project Veritas, released a treasure trove of documents from the tech giant. One of them included Liberty News Now.

Whistleblower, Zachary Vorhies, exposed over 900 pages of documents that show Google censoring searches. The information released also included a list of websites that Google allegedly had basically blacklisted. On the list were sites like The Daily Caller, Drudge Report, Megyn Kelly and Liberty News Now.

There were many more. You can see the list here.

The blacklist that was released by the whistleblower has almost exclusively organizations from the right. Republicans, Libertarians and other free thinking people that run websites have been potentially denied millions of dollars in ad revenue and site growth due to the alleged censoring of sites on Google. 

It also means that people that are looking for the truth and an alternative view from what they see on cable, but they can’t find it. Real people are being denied the ability to search for the truth themselves. Vorhies’ story presents a disturbing attack on freedom.

The real tragedy is the lack of media coverage. Most of the people covering the story are already on the list. Sites like this one and others are writing stories to expose the biased censorship going on at Google. 

Zachary Vorhies’ story won’t be told on mainstream news outlets, but he has given some insightful and eye-opening interviews on various Internet outlets. See one below interview on the Simulation podcast.

As the documents released by Vorhies are consumed by the media and the public learns more about the censorship going on at Google, can we expect a growing divide between big tech and the more conservative users?

One thing we know is that big tech will try and manipulate their platforms to push the agendas of their leadership. We’ve seen it with Twitter, Facebook and Google. This story also points out the importance of supporting smaller websites and news outlets like Liberty News Now.