Send in the Marines? Mailman Attacked for Slow Delivery

A group of teens in Baton Rouge, Louisiana squared off against a carrier for the United States Postal Service just after Christmas.

Four to five teens prompted the driver to stop the vehicle to fight off the group that was kicking and jumping in the moving delivery truck.

The event was caught on camera while onlookers stood and did nothing.

The cameraman later commented that the teens were upset that their gifts did not arrive by Christmas.

After the video was posted on Twitter, one teen was arrested while another got away with the altercation and the postman’s cell phone.

It is illegal for postal employees to carry firearms while on duty.

In the 1920’s, before the existence of the FBI, postal employees were allowed to carry handguns to protect their route. However, they did little to stop thefts and over $6,300,000 was stolen over a one year period.

In October of 1921, armed with shotguns and Colt .45’s, 2,200 United States Marines were deployed domestically for postal guard duty.

The Marines traveled with postal carriers and on trains while also protecting post offices.

The thefts stopped immediately.

While it would be entertaining to watch a gaggle of misfits scuffle with a Marine, it’s unlikely that the Corps will be assigned to mail duty anytime soon.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.