Senator Disrupts Important Meeting To Scream, “[Trump Is] Killing People”

Kristen Gillibrand
You'd think a Senator would handle herself with a dignity befitting the office...

While attending an important bipartisan meeting on the future of American infrastructure, disgraceful and tactless New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand screeched that Trump was “killing people,” by his administration’s refusal to fully fund the construction of a commuter tunnel between New York City and New Jersey.

The Trump Administration had made it clear that both New York and New Jersey were in no financial state to even support a fraction of the cost of development and construction for the boondoggle. And in all likelihood, the money would be poured into the deep pockets of unionized workers, and funneled right into the coffers of the Democratic party. The multi-billion-dollar project is something that New York and New Jersey have been talking about – but not saving for – for years. Meanwhile, the rust belt, and bridges of middle America continue to decay, under the neglectful eye of the federal bureaucracy.

Fiercely responding to Gillibrand’s childish outburst, Trump’s Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, and Trump’s chief economic advisor Gary John, along with infrastructure policy head D.J. Gibbin responded in kind.

Chao took a firm stance against Gillibrand and said that it wasn’t the administration putting people’s lives in danger. Chao brought up the point of the confirmation of the railway head whose appointment is still being blocked by the Democrats and is putting people at mortal risk every day. Ronald Batory, the appointed head for rail safety, is blocked by Gillibrand and her Democrat colleagues who are adamant to continue the blocking unless their Gateway Tunnel project is funded as per their request.

Gillibrand had previously hinted upon her inclination to confront Chao on a tweet she shared, saying that the project is the “single most important” project for the country and is in dire need of “help from the federal government.”

“I’m very concerned about the Trump administration’s stance on this, and plan to ask Secretary Chao today to explain their position,” Gillibrand wrote just before the briefing incident.

“I appreciate the time Secretary Chao and White House officials like Gary Cohn spent with our committee today, and I am hopeful that we will finally see the long-promised infrastructure proposal from the Trump administration sooner rather than later,” Senator Tom Carper, the committee’s top Democrat, had said in a statement.

He further added that he had left the briefing, feeling very confident that the proposal had the “potential to elicit bipartisan support here in Congress.”

Responding to the imbecilic Junior Senator from New York, the White House released a sarcastic and mocking statement, targeted right at Kristen Gillibrand. “We’re glad to see that members from New York would like to maintain that line of communication and welcome their continued participation as we work to fix our broken infrastructure system so that all qualified and responsible projects can go from concept to construction quickly and efficiently.”

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