Scientists May Have A Breakthrough With New AIDS Cure


Ever since AIDS hit the mainstream in the 90’s, scientists have been searching for a cure and now they think they might have it.

Scientists at the Institut Pasteur in Paris have announced a major breakthrough in destroying the AIDS virus.

The doctors were able to completely destroy cells inside patients that were infected with HIV.

Ever since Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS, scientists have been looking for a cure. There is not cure to date, but this breakthrough could change everything. Patients with AIDS have been treated with antiretrovirals that have helped keep patients alive and living with AIDS.

Scientists have only been able to block the infection and have saved lives using this technique, but it isn’t a cure. Until now, nobody has been able to destroy the cells that hold the HIV virus.

The new breakthrough could be a huge game-changer for the 1.1 million people in the United States that are living with AIDS. It will take some time to continue to test and eventually get a drug out to the people living with AIDS, but the breakthrough is a great sign that we might be able to beat it.

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