There’s A New Dating Site… For Transgender Children

What the F%#@ is wrong with people?

A 10-year-old transgender boy has founded what’s being called the world’s first dating site for transgender children.

The site, called “Haus of Amazing,” was founded by Desmond Napoles, who was born a boy but now identifies as non-gendered “drag kid.”

“Haus of Amazing bills” itself as a “no-parent zone” that will help “gender-fluid” and transgender kids connect in an “encouraging and safe online community.”

Despite being 10, Napoles has already established himself as a fixture on the New York “drag scene.” He’s been dressing as a woman since he was a toddler, after his parents vowed to raise him “gender neutral” when he was a baby.

Napoles, who admits he’s never worn “boy clothes,” began dressing up in princess costumes at age six and was featured in a music video alongside adult drag queens when he was just seven.

“Haus of Amazing,” which has apparently been in production since October 2018, has not yet been openly released to the public.