New Weekly Column: Beyond Both Sides

Both sides of the isle

[Editor’s Note: This article introduces a weekly opinion column from Joe Seehusen, former Deputy National Campaign Manager for Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign and the current president of The Intelligencer Institute.]

Welcome to this space.


Here we will look at fundamental questions about our national conversation.

Our aspiration is to understand and shed light on the worldview of people and institutions in positions of leadership in the areas of politics, media, culture, business, academia and entertainment.

What is their perspective? What is their bias?

How do they see the world and what are they trying to achieve?

What is the process they use, to define the perspective and worldview they craft for us to see?

Is it their intention that we use what they show us, and perhaps only what they show us, to form the basis of the decisions we make about issues that are important to us?

They work diligently to frame the conversation they want us to have.

Who are they?

They structure the conversation so we will come to the conclusions they want us to make.

Why do they do this?

We will attempt to address these questions.


We will not tell you what position you should take on an issue.

There are plenty of people and groups anxious to audition for that role.

Our focus is the conversation we are having about the issues, not the issues themselves. While we may have an opinion on the issue itself, as might you, that is not the subject of this investigation. We may think policy A is better than policy B, you might agree or disagree, but that is not the focus of this column.


This space is reserved for critical thinking and analysis, evidence based debate, reason, logic, relevant research, and common sense to evaluate and spotlight the process where perspective is foundational to how information is given and received. We will weave into our perspective and commentary, a broad spectrum of knowledge ranging from social psychology, economics and philosophy, There is space here for passion, as passion is central to who we are and how we think, but passion tempered with the self awareness of our own human failings. Wanton vitriol, ad hominem, and grumpy ramblings are best left unsaid. Dullards, apparatchiks and trolls .. be gone! … your talents and gifts are urgently needed elsewhere.

We have set high standards for this space, both for the reader and the author. This author begins with the full knowledge that he will fail to live up to the standards he has set for himself. Having said that, as the interest in meeting the standards is sincere, where legitimate shortfalls are pointed out in good faith and with good cheer, we will work to amend them.

Joe Seehusen serves as the President of The Intelligencer Institute, Inc. a non-partisan, non-profit, educational organization, that examines how the worldview of individuals and institutions in media, politics, entertainment and academia, shape our national conversation on culture and public policy.