MSNBC Host Admits They’re Fake News

Mainstream Media
Finally, they are being honest!

Former MSNBC host Ed Schultz was fired in 2015—and he’s convinced it was because the channel was silencing opposing views.

The liberal Schultz, who hosted The Ed Show from 2009 to 2015 until he was fired by the network, was outspoken in his support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—causing him to clash with management, which he said was in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

“I think the Clintons were connected to [NBC News chief] Andy Lack, connected at the hip,” Schultz said, during an interview with National Review. “I think that they didn’t want anybody in their primetime or anywhere in their lineup supporting Bernie Sanders. I think that they were in the tank for Hillary Clinton, and I think that it was managed, and 45 days later I was out at MSNBC.”

“I thought it stunk,” he added.

Schultz added that when Sanders announced his campaign, Schultz planned to air the speech live—the only cable news host that wanted to do so. Instead, MSNBC brass told Schultz not to.

“It got rather contentious,” Schultz said, adding that he was instead forced to cover a “totally meaningless” story in Texas.

MSNBC has not commented on the accusations.