Melania Trump Wins Lawsuit Against Daily Mail


First Lady Melania Trump triumphed in her lawsuit against the Daily Mail for writing a scandalous story she says was completely false. Trump will be paid about $2.9 in damages by the news outlet. The settlement was announced in a joint statement from rump’s lawyers and the Daily Mail.

The story, albeit false, was published back in August 2016, and claimed that the former model had also previously worked as an escort. The Daily Mail later retracted the story and issued an apology when Melania filed a lawsuit in September, claiming damages worth $150 million. The lawsuit was later moved from Maryland to New York.

“We accept that these allegations about Mrs. Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them. We apologize to Mrs. Trump for any distress that our publication caused her,” a statement from the Daily Mail said.

Melania Trump also filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail in the UK. The settlement disclosed on Wednesday, settles all her claims against the publication regarding the false story.

While the Daily Mail is a tabloid newspaper in Britain, it also has a significant readership in the US with its digital publication.

The first lady also tweeted statements of apologies from other publications and news outlets that had published the story in August, after she filed the lawsuit.

“Yesterday, Aug. 21, 2016, we published a story sourced from multiple outlets about Melania Trump’s past employment,” the Bipartisan Report’s statement said.  “After publishing, it was brought to our attention that many of the statements made by sources were not fully confirmed by audio or video tape and are therefore hearsay. Aside from the facts not being 100 percent accurate, we deeply regret reporting on a story of such a ‘low brow’ nature.”

The Inquisitr also penned an apology to Mrs. Trump, “While Inquisitr writers did not generate said rumors, which alleged Melania Trump previously earned money as an escort, the writer in question was not diligent in fact-checking or maintaining a healthy distance between innuendo and fact.”

Melania Trump has often been a target of slurs and accusations from the left. The rapper Bow Wow, in March, made a shockingly offensive threat to the first lady.

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