Manhattan Woman Sues Nephew Over Hug


In another case of de facto stupidity, finally common sense triumphs.

An entitled Manhattan-er attempted to sue her own nephew to the tune of $127,000 –So you know, pocket change for a 12 year old– after he was a little too aggressive in his affections.

On March 18th, 2011 the boy ran into the arms of his aunt. The then 8 year old and 50 pound boy, Sean Tarala, was excited to see his aunt at his birthday party and ran to her saying, “Auntie Jen! Auntie Jen!”. The two tumbled to the ground. Apparently, that was the day that shattered Jennifer Connell’s life forever. The accident, she says, broke her wrist.

She cited in court that it has become difficult to attend parties where at she may have to hold her own appetizer plate. Other difficulties have emerged as well and her privileged existence is suffering because of the injuries sustained. I’m thinking that the boy who lost his mother last year has other incidents he could point to that were traumatic for him.

Connell has no children of her own, but believes wholeheartedly that an 8 year old should have known better. She claims that she did not say anything at the time because, “it was his birthday party and I didn’t want to upset him”.

It took a jury just 25 minutes to decide that the little boy would not have to pay up. The judge ruled that Connell would receive nothing and I can’t say for sure, but it may have been the first time that the 54 year old had ever heard that she wouldn’t be getting her own way.

Doubtless that this will make for an awkward holiday season.

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