Mainstream Media Exposed

mainstream media

The mainstream media proudly mocked conservatives with an embarrassing headline—but really, just exposed their disgusting bias.

Headlines proclaiming, “30% of Republicans want to bomb Aladdin’s fictional hometown,” started trending on Facebook on Friday—clearly, trying to push the idea that Republicans are so dumb that they’ll bomb anything that sounds Middle Eastern, and have no idea which countries are real and which are fake.

The figure came from a Public Policy Polling poll that was released Friday morning, which asked people whether or not they would support the U.S. bombing Agrabah. The poll didn’t specify what or where “Agrabah” was, but it’s the fictional city from the 1992 Disney cartoon “Aladdin.” (Though it’s worth noting that, in the context of a poll, it could easily have been misheard as ISIS’s capital of Al-Raqqa, or mistaken for another strategic ISIS location.)

Nevertheless, due to shoddy reporting and overwhelming bias, the joke wound up being on the Left.

Because the real story, without the media’s bias?

It turns out Democrats were substantially more likely to believe Agrabah was a real place, and have their own strong ideas about how the U.S. should handle the “situation.”

Despite the headlines making it sound like a question just asked to Republicans, PPP asked the exact same question to Democrats.

As it turns out, far more Democrats than Republicans took the bait, and took a stance on whether or not the U.S. should bomb on Agrabah. A whopping majority—55%—of Democrats took a stance on whether or not the U.S. should bomb the cartoon country, vs. a comparatively small 43% of Republicans.

Overall, 30% of Republicans said Agrabah should be bombed, vs. 13% who said it shouldn’t be. On the Democratic side, 19% of Democrats think the fictional land should be bombed, vs. 36% who think we should not—and that, apparently, Secretary of State John Kerry should hammer out some sort of diplomatic solution with the cartoon Sultan or his deputy, Jafar.

Media bias at its most anti-conservative.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.