Liberal Gun Control Activist Shoots, Kills Husband

"Look what you made me do..." - Not Taylor Swift

Guns don’t kill people. Liberal gun control activists do.

Kellie Collins, 30, a former Democratic congressional candidate in Georgia’s 10th district, has been arrested after shooting and killing her husband, 41-year-old Curt Cain.

Collins’s arrest is notable because she made gun control a centerpiece of her campaign–arguing that “responsible” gun laws would “protect the community.”

Collins’s campaign was short-lived: she dropped out of the race last year, citing personal problems. The Democratic nomination was later was later won by Tabitha Johnson-Green, who will face Republican incumbent Rep. Jody Hice this November.

In addition to being Collins’s husband, Cain also served as her campaign’s treasurer.

According to authorities, Cain was found in the couple’s apartment after his employer requested a wellness check. They believe he bled to death on August 4, after being shot by Collins.

Collins apparently fled the scene in Cain’s blue Subaru, but was arrested last week in nearby McDuffie County.

Collins has since been charged with murder–in addition to grand larceny for the theft of her husband’s car. Police have not released a motive, but records show that Collins had recently become the sole beneficiary of Cain’s life insurance policy.