Lawyers Smell the Money: Fox News Hit with More Lawsuits

Do I smell another settlement?

Fox News Anchor Kelly Wright held press a conference with his lawyer Doug Wigdor to discuss a lawsuit that had been filed by current and former against Fox New network for alleged racial discrimination and harassment.

His lawyer reminded the media of how Mr. Wright’s charges were are not bogus.

“Mr. O’Reilly would not permit Mr. Wright to come on his show to discuss how America could focus on achieving racial reconciliation in the midst of growing racial hostility,” Wigdor said.

“Instead Mr. O’Reilly told Mr. Wright that he should call up Roger Ailes and Bill Shine and offer to sing the national anthem at the Fox News town hall,” he continued. “Rather than viewing Mr. Wright as the two-time Emmy award recipient he is, Mr. O’Reilly saw Mr. Wright as a singing entertainer.”

In the conference, Wright said, “This hurts,” Wight said. “This hurts.”

Wright talked about how the viewers have no insight on to the issues that the many members of the network were facing.

“I am here reluctantly because I prefer sitting behind an anchor desk delivering news,” he said, “to you the viewer, reporting delivering the news to help provide you with information, insight, and some analysis about developments and issues that we face every day in this country and globally.”

He went to express his admiration for the people that the worked with, and of the discontent that he experienced towards the practices of the network.

“I am here reluctantly because I am not against any man or woman at Fox News,” he said. “The truth is I admire, I like, and even love the people who I work with and for. But I don’t like what they do.”

He explained how neither he nor his colleagues are associated with any conspiracies, & that their motive is only to raise a voice against the racial discrimination that takes place at the work place.  He said, “The people that I work with at Fox New …….my colleagues and those you see behind me are hardworking individuals who work tirelessly every day to do their best, give their best and be their best, and I am proud of their accomplishments. Let me make something very plain here. I, and the people you see with me, do not have any incentive from some left-wing conspiratory group or some left-wing financier to try to destroy Fox News.”

“The truth is,” he added, “I believe Fox News will continue to grow and prosper regardless any attempt by anyone to crush it. I believe that Fox will remain strong because there are millions of people who support the company in spirit and in trust.”

“But when that trust is broken with various employees because of racial bias, something has to be done,” Wright concluded. “As I have stated I’m like the men and women of Fox News – that’s why I’m here.”

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.