“Today Show” Ratings Soar After Megyn Kelly’s Firing

Talk Show
Good riddance!

NBC is allegedly stuck paying tens of millions of dollars to now-fired “Today Show” anchor Megyn Kelly… but there’s at least a silver lining.

Ratings have soured since Kelly’s ouster.

According to Vanity, for the 9am hour of the “Today” show “viewership in the key demographic favored by advertisers in that time period is up around 10 percent.”

Kelly was fired three weeks ago after making controversial statements about blackface—questioning whether it was acceptable for white people to don blackface as part of a Halloween costume if they’re portraying a specific “character.”

In the two years Kelly had been at NBC, she struggled to find her footing—with low ratings and cancelled shows.

Kelly had previously been a popular anchor at Fox News, but alienated a large part of her core audience after she attacked President Trump’s comments about women during one of the early Republican primary debates.

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