Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story Falls Apart In Disastrous Interview

"So, how much of this did that Creepy Porn Lawyer Avanatti coach you to say?"

The story of one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers—Julie Swetnick—completely fell apart during a disastrous NBC interview.

Swetnick had claimed that Kavanaugh had drugged and gang raped women at high school parties—but her account was immediately questioned, due to the fact that Swetnick is three years older than Kavanaugh, and attended a different high school.

But after the NBC interview, it’s clear: Swetnick can no longer be called a “credible” accuser.

Swetnick’s story repeatedly changed—including, most notably, walking back her claim that she saw boys “lined up” to gang rape women in a bedroom. Despite declaring the image unforgettable, Swetnick claimed in the NBC interview that they were instead huddled outside the door, and she couldn’t tell what they were doing.

Swetnick also claimed she wasn’t positive that Brett Kavanaugh had, in fact, been the boy who raped her, and said she never actually witnessed him spiking punch at a party in order to incapacitate a girl.

NBC News seemed to realize that Swetnick’s story had fallen apart—shortly before airing the interview, anchor Kate Snow said:

“NBC News, for the record, has not been able to independently verify her claims… There are things that she told us on camera that differ from her written statement last week. We’ve been trying independently to reach out to anyone who remembers attending parties with Julie Swetnick and Brett Kavanaugh and we’ve been asking her attorney for names, so far we’ve not found anyone who remembers that.”

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