Hillary To Be The Next Woman To Give Bill A Job In The White House?


If history and humor serve us correct, the last woman to give Bill Clinton a job in the White House was Monica Lewinski. Now if Hillary becomes President, she has the perfect job for Bill. Economic Czar?

Wait what? Bill Clinton, the playboy of the western world is going to be put in charge of our money and fixing this economy? Who makes this stuff up?

Apparently Hillary said it in a speech in Kentucky. The Democratic front-runner said, “my husband, who I will put in charge of revitalizing the economy ’cause he knows what he’s doing…”

He knew what he was doing in the 1990’s, maybe, but he has only sent two emails in his life and has spent the last 16 years speaking for hundreds of thousands of dollars and gallivanting on Epstein’s sex plane. He isn’t ready to fix our economy.

Isn’t this a job she should be doing? Isn’t she the one that should have the plan to fix the economy?

Donald Trump says he is going to make America great again. Hillary says I’ll let my husband do it. (Give the job to a man… very empowering Hillary.)

This election is a mess, but there are some great things happening in the country and none of them have to do with Hillary.

Bernie and his vivacious supporters are destroying the mirage of democracy inside the nomination process of the Democratic Party.

Bernie is the wrench in the Clinton Machine that Hillary never expected. The entire world expected Hillary to cruise through the primaries and get the nomination. That didn’t happen because Bernie has tapped into youth in a way that will change the Party forever if they are not included somehow in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.

On the right, Donald Trump is doing the same thing to the GOP’s establishment of power by not needing their help to get the nomination.

If nothing happens to Donald where he is cheated or killed like RFK after winning California in 1968, then he will have successfully uprooted the GOP establishment and will be the new “unofficial” head of the Republican Party. This is quite an amazing turn-around from just a year ago when Donald wasn’t even in politics.

Donald has now turned his attention to Hillary for the general election and she still has to fend off Bernie who just won Oregon by almost 10% last night. For Hillary this has to be a nightmare. She has been planning her presidential run for eight years and not once in her wildest dreams would she think that she would be in this position.

Never once did she think that socialist Bernie would be a threat this late in the game.

Never once did she think that the bombastic Donald Trump would be her opponent.

To top it all off, she is under a criminal investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice has given immunity to Hillary’s IT guy so he could spill all the secrets. Regardless of what Hillary or Schultz says, it is a criminal investigation.

This is a crazy election, and we have witnessed the great divide on the right, but now we are watching the split of the Democratic Party.

Unless Hillary can make better decisions than putting her husband in charge of our economy, then we are also going to witness the fall of Hillary and in the end.

Ironically, Bill is hoping she doesn’t blow it, he’ll be out of a job.