Hillary has Fake Meeting With Fake “Regular Iowans”


Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign this weekend–and announced that she’d be making a road trip in her $60,000 “Scooby van” across Iowa.

Allegedly, she wants to meet “regular Iowans.” But that’s not exactly what she’s doing.

Hillary met with three residents of Davenport, Iowa, at a coffee shop. It was billed by her campaign as an impromptu meeting with these alleged “regular Iowans.” Except it was completely staged.

In fact, the three people at the table were hand-selected from a nearby city, and driven to the coffee shop by Hillary’s Iowa political director.

More damningly, one of the men is named Austin Bird–a leader in the Iowa Democratic Party who formerly drove Joe Biden’s limousine, who aspires to be a Washington, D.C. lobbyist.

It remains to be seen how many of Hillary’s other appearances in Iowa have been staged, but it certainly isn’t helping her reputation as a cold, out-of-touch political operative among actual “regular Iowans”–who don’t have the Democratic Party connections and credentials to meet the former Secretary of State.