Liberal Deputy Attorney General Caught On Tape Doing This…

There is a reason that lawyers have the reputation they do, and this is evidence that this lawyer is a scumbag.

Thiruvendran Vignarajah works in the Maryland Attorney General’s Office and was a shining star in the state’s judicial system until now.

James O’Keefe, known for his undercover work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, ACORN and Al Sharpton, has released a new video through his organization Project Veritas showing Thiruvendran giving secrets and assumably trying to cheat on his wife.

Project Veritas sent an undercover journalist to a conference in New York where she met the Maryland attorney.

First he lets her know that he believes that all guns should be banned. A radical stance, but it gets worse.

After many texts he skips part of the conference to spend time with a 21-year-old law applicant, who was actually an undercover citizen journalist from Project Veritas. He wastes no time giving inside info on an EPA deal and other information that is not public.

Again after many texts that started getting more and more sexual, they met again at another hotel where he continues to divulge more secrets and the married man tries to convince the young woman that he was separated from his wife.

James O’Keefe ends the video by speaking directly to the people in our government that are abusing their power, and warning them that Project Veritas is coming for them and is going to expose them one by one.

This video proves he was serious. It’s refreshing to know someone is out there exposing these corrupt public officials for what they really are.