Hawaii May Become First State to Ban Fur

Fur is MURDER! Fabulously decadent murder...

Beating California to the trap, legislators in Hawaii have introduced an act to ban the sale and transport of “certain animal fur products” within their tropical state.

While Hawaiians rarely face cool temperatures that would incite their need to pull out the fur coats, PETA and the Fur Free Society have lobbied for the radical change, which was greeted with open arms by the state’s left-leaning politicians.

Federal representatives from Hawaii are all Democrat and include Mazie Hirono who gained infamy with her ridiculous comment during the Kavanaugh hearings, for men to “Shut up and step up.”

On the state level, only one of Hawaii’s 25 state senators and five of the 51 house members are Republican.

In December of last year, California introduced a statewide ban on fur, however the bill is yet to pass.

Several California cities have already passed a fur ban including San Francisco and Los Angeles.