What Happened To This 81-Year-Old Marine Will Make You Sick


In a hotel where police and emergency services often occupy most of the rooms, a 81-year-old Marine Corps Veteran was held hostage by Perry Coniglio for four years.

Coniglio who is 43, and the victim had adjoining hotel rooms at the U.S. Academy Motel in Highlands, New York.

Coniglio was physically abusive and used intimidation to force the veteran against his will to live in the hotel room while all three of his benefits checks were stolen each month.

Not only was the man held hostage he didn’t get to use his benefits checks that he most certainly earned.

Coniglio often beat the veteran and then turned around to use the benefits on drugs.

The police have charged Coniglio with grand larceny and unlawful imprisonment.

The elderly victim was taken to the hospital for evaluations and currently Coniglio is being held on $15,000 bail.

How long should Coniglio go to prison if found guilty?

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