GOP Scrambles To Take Down Trump With New Candidates

New Candidates

The masterminds who thought it would be a good idea to force Donald Trump to sign a contract to support the eventual Republican nominee are now working hard to come up with new solutions.

A close friend that has a cousin that works at the same gym with a girl that dates a security guard for the building that a White House aid lives in supplied this new short list of names to replace Donald Trump.

Some will certainly surprise you, but it must be true! All sources have been verified from the below official campaign propaganda. Starting with the obvious choice:

Tom Hanks

Adam Dodd and Mike Eltringham have some great points. We all did like Apollo 13 and his role in Philadelphia does solidify the LBGT voters.

We know it is going to be a difficult year and people are having a problem with picking their top candidate, but it’s time to toughen up. Because as Tom Hanks says, “There’s no crying in politics”

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken

Having more cowbell is a very important issue this year, obviously. He does bring a lot to the table, but let’s be honest, so does our next potential candidate.

Bruce Wayne

I know what you are thinking; he is just like Donald Trump. They’re both rich and fight for good in a bad way, but Donald doesn’t have a bat cave. The big question is whether Batman will pick Robin to run on the same ticket or pick someone more traditional like Commissioner Gordon?

Taylor Swift

We know she has some Bad Blood but Everything Has Changed. She was hit with a lot of negative ads and she did a good job to Shake It Off. Taylor is not Out Of The Woods though.

Talking to Hillary Clinton in a recent animated YouTube video, Taylor is caught saying “I Knew You Were Trouble,” right to the Secretary’s face. She is Fearless and should come out on top.

Also Kanye West doesn’t like Taylor Swift so that really plays well in her favor. We’ll see what happens

And then there is this guy…

Who else do you think should run for president? Let us know below!