Ted Cruz’s Election Schemes Get Exposed


Ted Cruz won in Colorado even though there was no open primary. The delegates selected who they wanted and that is how the system is set up in the Centennial state.

Donald Trump is crying foul, but Ted and the pundits are telling Donald to play by the rules and that the system is not conspiring against him to win.

Something is wrong when the people of Colorado don’t even vote for the person they want as president, but that is because in 2015 a bill to create a presidential primary was shot down.

The bill was sponsored and sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee and it was shot down. Four republicans voted against the bill while three Democrats voted in support of it.

Just because the bill was shot down by 4 Republicans in May of 2015 doesn’t mean that the state’s GOP establishment is against Trump, or for anyone else. Right?

Well not exactly. What has people crying foul is the fact that one of the Republicans that shot down the bill was also the person who sponsored the bill. Senator Kevin Grantham sponsored the bill and thought it was good enough to have his name attached, but then something happened. He decided to kill it and rally the other Republicans to shoot it down.

Senator Kent Lambert and Senator Laura Woods joined Kevin Grantham and one more to stop the bill. There is one interesting fact about these three. They share something else in common.

Three of the senators who stopped the bill from passing are on the Ted Cruz team. They are delegates for Ted Cruz in the State of Colorado. It may not be illegal, but is suspicious.

This type of backwards deal making is the reason why Donald Trump is popular among a large group of Americans. Something is going on that is shady and in the shadows. Why would a Senator who sponsors a bill then shoot it down?

This is politics as usual. Ted Cruz didn’t start out as part of the establishment but he is welcoming them with open arms if it helps him beat Donald Trump. Which right now it is.

Ted Cruz is boasting wins in the last 5 states right now, even though only 4 of those states even held elections. It is interesting to watch, but how much more of this can America take? The real question is how much can Donald Trump take.

His message of the “system being rigged” is working, and as long as Ted Cruz wins voterless primaries, then Trump’s message is about to get louder. Things are really starting to heat up!

Candice has almost 20 years of experience reporting for various conservative publications. When she's not writing, she enjoys being outdoors--especially camping, hiking, and hunting. She lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband.